Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here is a great article on risk, ice climbing and entrepreneurship over at Business Week Online. I'm glad that Bill Buxton, the author, decoupled the intertwinement of risk and danger. They are definitely not the same thing. 

"Why do entrepreneurs and ice climbers repeatedly prompt questions of flirting with death and disaster? My best guess is that a lack of familiarity prevents nonpractitioners from seeing what lies behind the surface: the serious and conscientious preparation that such people bring to their respective activities...If there is a single message in all of this, it is this: The most dangerous way of all to play it is so-called safe. Safe leads to atrophy and certain death—of spirit, culture, and enterprise. There is not a single institution of merit or worthy of respect in our society that was not created out of risk. Risk is not only not to be avoided, it is to be embraced—for survival."

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