Saturday, March 15, 2008

Latte Prototyping

Latte art meets rapid prototyping [found via]. My passion for food leaves me excited about the possibilities this opens up. Of course there is no practical application... yet! I'm going to put all my day dreaming hours to come up with a good use. I imagine Molecular Gastronomists would love to play with this.

It would also be interesting to take a note at where Latte Art started, and now how it has ended up in the hands of machines. 

What other food arts are currently performed by people that might be enhanced by machines? Maybe someone could rapid prototype a cake by sifting all the dry ingredients in layers, then adding liquid, then cooking each individual section with a laser. You could have nine different cakes right next to each other! You could have pink polka dot cakes, where the white was vanilla flavored and polka dots were strawberry!

Or maybe some intricate chocolate sculpture that was prototyped...

[image via barrels and bottles, the first google image link at the time]

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