Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Train Across America (3/4)

Waking up to cows in the middle of America.

Granola and soy milk (sorry cows) for breakfast.

Another processing plant along the route of the train ride.

An irrigation system that moves across the field. There were many of this along the trip, and they were at least 100 yards long!

The train stop in Boulder, Colorado. We were allowed to walk around the station, and the immediate area looked like an interesting walkable place.

Heading into the Colorado mountains, and a little rainfall.

Rafters going down the Colorado River. There was a group that mooned the train later on (my camera wasn't fast enough though).

At the station in Colorado Springs. It looked like a great place to come and vacation some day. And it's easily accessible by train!

Train Across America (2/4)

Waking up to a graveyard, somewhere in Indiana.

America is full of corn. During the train ride, a good portion of Indiana, Illinois and Iowa were full of corn fields. 

The train station in Chicago.

Stumbling upon Farmer's Market in downtown Chicago.

Stumbling upon the "bean" in Millennial Park.

More Corn.

Sunset in Iowa.