Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IDDS Potluck

Paul Hudnut, of Colorado State University and Envirofit, talked to the participants about designing for dissemination. Distilled to the simplest form, people have to ask 1) what sucks? and 2) what are you going to do about it? We need to start viewing problems as opportunities. It was a good talk in all, and I really respect what he's done with Envirofit.

The IDDS Potluck later that night was massive. People running from dorm to dorm looking for spatula's! Chopping onions with butter knives and looking for extra canola oil. There was food from Zambia, Tanzania (mmm red bean soup), Malawi (have to get the recipe), Guatemalan deserts, English scones, India, Mexico... and much more.

Deepa slicing, I mean stabbing stabbing some onions.

Zambians (and Jessica) making some N-shima.

Guatemalan deserts (plantain with a mole like paste inside).

Charcoal Biscuits (a bit gritty, and sweeter than you'd expect).

Sumit and his Mango Lassi concoction (it went fast).

A view of the table setting.

Another view of one of the table spreads.

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