Monday, July 28, 2008

IDDS Humdinger

Today's lecture started off on some final design considerations participants should consider for our projects. It was Design for Affordability, Manufacturability, Reuse and Failure. This was demonstrated with $3 Drip Irrigation System by Paul Polak, Kurt Kornbluth showed us a low cost wheel chair, and Amy Smith showed us images of road side workshops in Guatemala.

The Charcoal Crushing group that I'm with got to talk to the group at MIT that has been in charge of developing the concepts for Corn Cob charcoal today. The meeting was informing, and gave us a good set of solid parameters to aim for. Here is our updated charcoal crusher:

There are a series of minor tweaks that now need to be made, the ground charcoal results are very promising though. The person with the microphone, who's name I didn't get, is from NPR, possibly doing a story on IDDS. I will find out her name and show, as I need to send her images and videos. Sorry for not knowing now.

That wasn't all though, we had an amazing lecture/demonstration by Shawn Fayne of Humdinger Wind Technology. He talked to us about Confluent Technology, and showed us examples with SODIS Bags and Aeroelastic Flutter Technology.  The small scale wind power technology Humdinger is working on is awesome. I can't wait to go home and build my own Windbelt generator.

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