Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IDDS Bikes Not Bombs

Wednesday was a work day for IDDS participants, so we could get our hands dirty building prototypes and whatever else needed to get done. We also got to visit Bikes Not Bombs for a presentation and potluck dinner. This organization collects old bicycles and uses them as an alternative to destruction as a form of foreign policy. Shaibu, one of the IDDS participants, presented the Global Alliance for Africa and the work thats being done in his home country of Tanzania. Carlos from Maya Pedal presented the amazingly crafted work he's been doing in Guatemala.

Suprio working on the Human Power Generation project.

Some quality craftsmanship work by Joshua, for our group's new Charcoal Grinder.

Inside of a expanded steel lined PVC pipe, this is a mold for casting a concrete grinder.

Welding some of the parts for the Charcoal Crusher.

Bernard doesn't need a mask when welding... or gloves.

Thalia presenting one of the neatly organized tool walls at Bikes Not Bombs.

Laura Stupin doing a short introduction of IDDS at Bikes Not Bombs.

Bernard and Shaibu happily fielding questions about their work in Tanzania.

Carlos presenting his finely crafted work at Maya Pedal.

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heidrun mumper-drumm said...

what's your longer term strategy for using PVC? how will you dispose of the PVC forms when they are no longer used? can you substitute something else for the PVC now, rather than have to deal with it later? would a single material [ex: steel] work?