Tuesday, July 22, 2008

IDDS Experimentation

Most of today was spent working in groups. We were briefed at the beginning of the day on various means of mock-ups, ranging from chip board, to foam core, to actual materials for user test feasibility. Since I don't have much time for words, I'll let some of the videos and and pictures speak for themselves. 

Hand rolling over the charcoal cobs.

We need to crush this much charcoal in a minute to be successful.

I just found this use of the laptop as piano notes far to interesting to pass up the documentation opportunity.

We were lucky enough to be invited to Design Continuum for dinner, presentations and a small tour. It was a bit odd to go from the projects at IDDS to see some of the work at Design Continuum. They say they are focused on human behavior and client success, and made a push towards sustainability, see their 2007 Footprint. I have mixed feelings about the place, I'll follow up on this post-IDDS.

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