Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Santa Monica by Bike

I went to a Green Business Networking Event that provides the owners and decision-makers of socially- and environmentally-conscious businesses a time and place for connecting, sharing, deal-making and networking. It was at the Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica. Which is aesthetically pleasing, though the bike racks leave something to be desired.  The staff did let me store my bike the Study Room though, that was extraordinarily kind of them.

The Green Business Networking Event takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. It was  a good event to attend, I got a number of business cards that will be good for both school and personal related issues. From Solar Panel providers to Organic Landscaping Consultants, and even a LEED Accredited Financial Consultant.  More on the individual people and the companies in the future as I follow up and see which worth noting.

And in the spirit of being Green, I biked there from Eagle Rock.  It only took an hour and half, including the stopover at 710 Heliotrope drive for Scoops Ice Cream Shop. It's on the way, what's a 50 yard detour in an 18 mile trip? The travel time still beats out taking public transportation which would have taken 1 hour and 52 minutes. And public transportation beats out a car which would've cost the equivalent of $13.50.  It all depends on your frame of reference, and priorities of what is important, time, money, individual health.

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The return trip was a slightly different route (Santa Monica Blvd all the way to Sunset Blvd, then down to Silver Lake), and it took less than an hour. I felt safe the entire time considering it started at 9pm at night.

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wakako takagi said...

hey, glad you got home in one piece. Sorry i didn't recognize your number. Now I know:)

Sounds like an interesting event. Love the updates!