Monday, January 21, 2008


There is no better time than right now, this moment. To finish off the last thing on that to-do list and throw it away. To write that thank you note you've been putting off. To go buy that scarf you've been thinking about. To start recycling. To call up your mom and dad, just to say hello and compliment them on the great job they did.

Two bike accidents and one mugging at gunpoint have shown me this side of it all going away in an instant. In a manner we least expect, when we least expect it.  I honestly hope you all lead long happy and rewarding lives. I hope you start sooner than later. I hope I take my own advice.

Mom, Dad, I didn't always agree with how you raised me. I've ended up in a place that has made me extremely happy though, thanks. Errin, you're my brother and I love you, just come back home safe. Jenna, you're the best sister, I'll be your sous-chef any time. Audrey, Dice, Jessie and Robert, you are the greatest set of friends a guy could ask for, thanks for being there. Donnelly, you're the best roommate ever.

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