Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cheat Neutral...

This is a fantastic parody of Carbon Offsetting over at CheatNeutral.  Just as the US Government considers whether to trade or tax carbon emissions. How long have Carbon Offsets been around I wonder, and there is already talk of possible fraud.

I've been somewhat unsure about Carbon Offsetting.  It was never so clear until a man commented on the CheatNeutral idea (at point 2:12 of the YouTube). The greatness of this whole act is the power of framing (or reframing). It is very successful in pointing out the gaps in certain aspects of behavior. 

I had a final thought about how framing is a great tool in creative development when one feels writer's/designer's/etc block. Just think about some aspect of what you're working on in a new context, how does that change what you're working on and push it forward?

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