Friday, November 20, 2009

Street Conditions

This is what a typical street in Accra looks like. There are a numer of paved streets in the city, yes. In my experience in the city, more than 50% of the streets look like this. It makes simple things like traveling 5 miles by car take that much longer than someone from the States might think. Streets like this also results in more wear-and-tear on the cars (one driver of a Tro-Tro, taxi/bus, said that these vans last about 5 to 10 years because of the roads). Unpaved roads also makes the ride that much bumpier, and at some points a 2 car road narrows to a one car road because of street conditions.

This is something I never considered until arriving there and realizing it in person. I was told that in the 19402 the road from Whittier, California to Los Angeles was in similar conditions. Meaning a trip from the farm (yes, farm) to deliver produce to grocers was a 2 hour trip, rather than the 15 to 20 minute ride it can be today (ideally, over congestion has managed to expand the time this trip takes. Amazing what can happen over the course of time, and the cycle of objects moving through space.

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