Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Augmented ID

I recently discovered TAT Augmented Reality through a Technology Review Article. It is an interesting proposition. However, the actual social interaction of using this currently looks awkward. Mobiles are an awkward enough subject/object of interaction during meetings, so the following youTube doesn't sell me on this. I'm not saying the technology is bunk because of this, only actual social integration needs to be polished more. People will most likely be awkward about it initially, I think there is an opportunity for some solutions in addition to just awesome technology though.

There was a great comic strip I saw online ( some time ago and can't find,) of a man approaching a woman at a bar, and she snaps a photo of him, and through facial recognition software, decides she doesn't want to talk because of his bad rating on yelp or the like. So the next step in all this facial recognition software, is deceiving it real time. I know that people have been able to use magazines photos to fool such imaging systems (Your Face is Not Your Password and Age Verification Fooled). How would that work in real time though, a digital ski mask?

UPDATE (2010.02.25): NPR Article on TAT Facial Recognition software, that draws out a scenario re-enforcing the need for my digital ski mask idea.

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