Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday Market

I went to the Portland Saturday Market today, for the first time. A sad fact considering I've been here for almost three months now (I've been to the Thursday market numerous times though). I was in search of some red and orange bell peppers in preparation for tomorrows meal. Luckily they are in season, though were found fewer and far between compared to other items. I ended up buying a one pound bell pepper, which is pretty massive compared to anything I could get at the grocery store.

I still ended up going to the grocery store afterwards, they don't sell milk at the farmer's market (not this one at least). I actually went twice in fact, something not to uncommon of me, especially on the weekends. It's not that I forgot anything, there's just not enough space in my messenger bag, and I have yet to go back to the bicycle store and get a rack so that I might use my panniers to carry goods to and fro. Milk, eggs (always an adventure when packed in a messenger bag) yogurt, cottage cheese, sugar and flour. I only wish I needed more vegetables so that I might have made use of my trip to the Saturday Market. Eggs and Bell Peppers tomorrow, I'm excited.

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