Friday, February 9, 2007

Settling Dust

So, things are finally really settling down to a certain state of normality and everyday drudgery. Classes have become less exciting, and have slowly moved to a level of tediousness. More so because I've realized I want to travel, rather than anything of the classes particular own doing. The courses are all teaching me wonderous facts of knowledge that I would not have had access to back at Art Center. My vocabulary is slowly adjusting to this business lingo, and its getting hard for me to sort what I knew before and what I have learned now as it becomes part of my everyday speak. I particularly enjoy condensing down titles and phrases down to their letter abbreviations (you don't call the class Venture Opportunities in Business Management, you call it VOBM). And with that, it is almost over, sixth week begins next week, and periods here are only seven weeks long. Oh, I'll still get to go through all this again after a good long week break (in Nepal). It still seems like there was barely anytime to start this before it ended though. Starting a whole new period is going to drain me so much.

Just as things got to get normal though, I found this amazing little Organic Food Shop in the market area near our house. Literally a five minute walk from my door to their door. On top of that, I went in with a recipe for a Singaporean desert, and owner (?) noticed and was more than happy to help me out. He even said to bring him future recipes days in advanced so he could get all the ingredients together for me. The store was barely the size of my living room at home. I was blown away by his dedication to customer service. I'll definitely be going back there on a frequent basis.

I also had one of the three greatest dishes I've eaten while in Singapore today (well, one of the was in Cambodia, so I am merely referring to the trip in general). It was Seaweed with Ginger. I don't know what else was in there, but the combination blew me away. It was in this odd little place that called themselves "Vegetarian" but served numerous dishes with fish, and possibly some with chicken. I won't complain too much, because the Seaweed with Ginger was amazing. Now what I really need to find is an amazing dessert place here. Or maybe that will be up to me in combination with my new friendly neighborhood shopkeep.


Dice said...

Hey Nathan,
Have you filled up your hard drive with pictures yet?
We just had our Sustainable Mobility Summit at Art Center. We saw Jay Baldwin, Paul McCready, Chris Bangle, and Dean Kamen among others. It was a blast.

wakako said...

you are going to india for the break? i'm so jealous...