Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Business Model

Today was a good day in classes, because they made sense and I was able to follow along quite well. I could see the value in understanding a business model, and why it is important to look at past models. To learn from their successes and failures at the very least. Another value is to use them as analogies for the creative application of a plan from one area (say internet book selling) to another (say online groceries). Well, it doesn't always make a successful transfer (online groceries failed for the most part), but that is part of the value of looking at business models. Now I feel that I have a stronger tool to justify concepts that I come up with in design. "X may work because of reasons A, B, and C. Here are some business models D and E which are quite similar. Further more, here is the roadmap for this plan, with milestones at points F, G, and H. I could use these as markers of success. Finally, there is further value by connecting this consumer to this producer in this way. All we need is this cool speedform which I'm about to design to tie it all together" My future presentations may go something like that. Prepare to be completely baffled. INSEAD was actually able to cram a lot of information into my head in a short amount of time, AND! I've managed to retain it. Score on multiple levels. I actually finding myself wishing I had taken some of their core classes, because it would help me to digest some of the information being presented to me now.

I had some freetime this weekend, and went to some Wetlands and Orchid Gardens. It was a enjoyable half day of an adventure. Pictures are up on my flickr account. The biggest take away from that trip would have to be the relaxing ability to explore at my own pace. Groups are great, but sometimes you get lost keeping up or waiting around. A take away about Singapore maybe... this is small island. It took less than 2o minutes to go from my apartment to the wetlands on the opposite side (north side) of the island. And then I could look out from the Wetlands and see Malaysia. It would have been a good bike ride.

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