Sunday, January 7, 2007

Day Two

First full day in Singapore was great. Started it off with a run around the local park which resulted in me dripping with sweat right as I met my next door neighbors. After which I went for a swim in the pool for about half an hour. The pool was then followed by an hour walk with Audrey which landed us at Anchor Point. Luckily, Anchor Point had places to eat, across the street had a cellphone dealer, and across the street from that was an IKEA.

Lunch at the food court was great. For my first lunch I had a Lo Mien with Tomato and Egg (I think thats what it was called). For my second lunch (I was hungry) I had a Thostas. I'm butchering the pronunciation and spelling of this dish, but however you spell or say it, it was good. It looks like a pancake, but has a completely different texture. I have a picture, which of course, will eventually be posted, just have to get settled more so that finding the time is easier.

The ordeal of buying a cellphone when you really don't want one can be quite tiresome. The dealer seemed to be quite helpful and intent on getting us the best deal. Just, the entire process of setting up such a permanent feature of residence was draining. After which, as a group, the Art Center group headed over to IKEA to supplement our apartments with things that should have been provided for us. I couldn't take it after a while, so instead of waiting around with everyone to go shopping, I ended up walking back home (did I mention it took Audrey and myself about an hour plus to get to Anchor Point?).

I decided to take a different path than the one that had landed us in Anchor Point, which pretty much me getting lost with the hope that I would eventually find something I recognized. I ended up in a National Park, and then on a mountain biking trail, without a mountain bike. Eventually I did find my way back to a street, and not so long after that, back to a familiar intersection. The whole experience of getting lost and finding myself was a decidedly enjoyable break from the humdrum day to day of consumerism.

Later on that night the eight of us from Art Center along with our instructor, Todd Belle, met up at the Crazy Elephant. We then walked around this river side area, "something Quay" and found an Indian restaurant, the Ivory, to dine at. It was great for me because a majority of the food was vegetarian. Not so great was biting into a seed in the potato dish that lit my mouth on fire or nodding off towards the end of dinner because of the long day I had.

My "Singaporian" observation for the day... really cool dining areas, with outdoor setups that look like hospital rooms, and a bar called Gold that has corpse doors in the front.


Jessie Kawata said...

what? you don't like ikea? nonsense!
sounds like you had an adventure.

wakako said...

be careful! don't get TOO lost:)


Dice said...

I see Nathan returning 20 pounds heavier and hating Americans.
Sounds like you're having fun.
I'm off to Macworld tomorrow-tell you about it when I get back.

Soi said...

I just can't imagine Nathan being twenty pounds heavier with all the running, swimming, walking he does. About hating Americans...I'll waint and see... ;) Great hearing from you Nathan.