Sunday, July 11, 2010

IDDS 2010

Paul Hudnut and Amy Smith opening words for IDDS 2010.

IDDS 2010 has started up, in CSU at Fort Collins, Colorado. I've been helping to organize it, and am now participating on a team that is work on the dissemination of Solar Lights in India. For frequent updates, visit where Niall will be updating with day to day Summit posts, like this one. I'll also be taking some photos and videos of the conference, which I will post on flickr.

I'll also be keeping track of the day to day from a team perspective of the different topics we are covering and ideas we are working on regarding solar lights. Here is a link to the iddsummit project page. So far we've mapped out where our the venture is at, and are starting to come up with venture sketches, one of which we will develop further over the next few weeks.

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