Saturday, March 13, 2010

Design Process InfoGraphics

A collection of information/visualization graphics of the design process from around the web. They are here for their variety in perspective and representation. Favorites are noted.

One of the most accurate infographics on chaotic human element the design process, "the squiggle" originally done by Damien Newman of Central Office. (This is a personal favorite)

Make Magazine's Online explanation of the design process is too the point, and if you visit the page, written out well. I agree with their cycle of build/evaluate/redesign.

I personally enjoy hand written diagrams such as this one from Life is a Design Thesis. The element that made it worth posting was explicitly noting that the design should answer the initial question.

Mike Ditullo's comparison of the written design process to how it actually happens, available at ThinkMakeDraw.

Taco Lab's iteration focused, sketchy design process. Very similar to the squiggle, I enjoy this one a lot.

Frog Design's process of Discover, Design and Deliver.

Dubberly's overly stylized design process infographic, that has a lot of useful elements when you get past the intense graphic.

Flow Interactive's User Center Design Process, promotes a continuous evaluation of designs.

Telono's User Centered Design process visualization.

Brannen's circular design process, with descriptions of each stage.

Funnel graphic of the design process by Goddard Technologies.

A design process that put a man on the moon, courtesy of NASA. It is actually an old challenge of theirs for student teams to build a plant chamber.

Akendi has interesting wording incorporated into their design process centered around human experience. Adding the person in the middle does a lot to say that they are human centered.

The group at Birdsong Creative incorporate celebration and many meetings in their design process.

From, simple graphic, that leaves too much to consider and isn't explained on the website.

Source Design Against Crime, a beautiful graphic, that is not as intuitive as I'd like.

Source from Industrial Design Queensland, the top of a long graphic with detailed specifics of the design process. The description is mechanical, but a well documented project.

Zurb's Design process for Interaction design.

Anthony of Design Bit share's his web design process.

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