Sunday, September 21, 2008

Real Goods Brick and Mortar Store Trip

The 1 million dollar solar array, that paid for itself in 5 years, and now earns $55,000 a year. It generates enough electricity to power 60 homes for a year.

An off the grid merry-go-round. I believe it is the first solar powered merry-go-round.

A hand powered washing machine, that I'm told doesn't work too well. That does mean there is a design opportunity!

This was an installation piece to make a living wall. 

Interestingly enough, the wall was made of styrofoam, and painted to look like rocks. Find out more information at

An LED light bulb, that will emit an equivalent rated 40W luminescence. It will out last a CFL Bulb by at least 30 years. The cost is $40 right now, worth it for its life span and energy savings.


Bruce said...

How many watts does it consume? - Suprio

Nathan said...

It is a 4 Watt Light bulb, here is a link to the website Lemnis Lighting