Thursday, July 19, 2007


I miss running. I've been running since I got to Oregon, it wasn't the same feeling as I remembered it once being though. In trying to maintain a common routine, I've realized I was also holding myself back. Doing things like pacing myself and negative splitting workouts like I learned in high school. It's all well and good in trying to accomplish specific time goals and competitive stuff like that. That's not really why I've been running though.

So, I let myself go the other day and ended up running for... a long time and distance. I probably should have had water and a snack with me for as long as I was out. I probably should've stopped in one of the coffee shops I passed by and asked for water. I'm still alive though. And it felt great. I didn't intend to go for as long as I did, it just sort of happened. I probably couldn't have ran for as long as I did with a specific goal in mind. It felt good to just get out there and go. That's all I've been trying to say right now. Sometimes it just feels good to get out and go.

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