Sunday, July 11, 2010

IDDS 2010 Lazy Sunday

A short play by play of a lazy Sunday at IDDS 2010. Got to sleep in today and woke up at 7am. Walked over to breakfast, and met up with some participants there. We had breakfast together and talked about the upcoming World Cup game of Holland vs Spain. There was a more in depth conversation about Paul the Predicting Octopus (whom accurately predicted that Spain would win). 

I walked back to the dorm with some people, and got to working on the computer in the lounge between 9am and 10am. Was joined by some participants, and we listened to Explosions in the Sky and Prince. Had a lively conversation about Prince promoting the internet, and now declaring it dead. With that, we walked outside for an hour and twenty minute Yoga session. 

After Yoga, I biked over to Big 5 sporting goods to purchase some goggles for swimming at the pool. I spent about two hours crying the previous day after about thirty minutes in the pool. Big 5 is only a block or two away from the campus, but I got lost on the way. Upon returning to campus, I went over to lunch. A number of participants were already there, having a noon time lunch to make it back to the dorm in time for the 12:30 World Cup kick-off. After lunch I joined everyone in the basement of the dorm to watch Spain win. Many IDDSers were happy, some weren't, I got some video of their reactions to tense moments.

Between three and five in the afternoon, Sollys (the team I'm working with this year) met to discuss Venture Sketches and planning of our goals for the summit. Combined with our individual work prior to the meeting, we made good progress. I hope that we can make some more significant progress in the coming week. Particularly, gathering documents to create a packet by the end of the summit is goal we hope to achieve, and move through this coming week.

After the meeting, I went swimming with the new goggles. Then headed off to dinner when the gym closed at 6pm. Talked about what I liked to cook at dinner, and heard similar information from others. Walked back to the dorm for participant presentations between 6:30 and 7:30... which actually went until sometime past 8pm. 

After the participant presentation, the organizers got together to have a meeting which went until 11pm. Now I'm writing this post, sending an email off to Ghana, cataloging photos and videos and making some notes for the coming week. And researching micro-credit. Maybe this wasn't such a lazy Sunday. I'll do one or two more posts like this of some days during the week.

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